GEA came into existence in 1987 as Pasta Italia S.r.l., and initially the company had only a single production line, which made sheets for pre-cooked, frozen lasagnas. We were strongly enthusiastic and curious about the world of food, and it was precisely these qualities that drove us, over the years, to widen our production to a broad assortment of agro-food items (including pasta, pizza, sauces, ready-made dishes, and fish products) and to experiment with new ways to preserve and package food. In just 20 years, we became one of the most important players in the industry in the Italian and international markets, a company highly specialized in the production and distribution of fresh and frozen foods produced entirely in Italy.

Rapallo (Genova)

This plant specializes in fish products and is equipped with the following:
• a fully automated system for defrosting shellfish, cooking them in water and/or steam, and packaging them in a protected environment,
• a line for producing and packaging second courses mainly fish-based, and
• a line for packaging coldwater prawns.

Parona (Pavia)

This plant is devoted entirely to making baked products — including gluten-free products — and has the following:
• a line for producing crusts and shells for pizzas, mini pizzas, focaccias, focaccinas, stuffed focaccias, and calzoni, and
• a fully automated production line for making yellow or green lasagna sheets that are pre-cooked and then frozen using IQF.

Osteria Grande (Bologna)

This plant, which specializes in producing fresh-frozen pasta and ready-made dishes, consists of the following:
• a line for producing fresh-frozen pasta,
• a line for producing ready-made microwaveable dishes,
• a line for producing lasagnas and cannelloni, and
• a line for producing sauces.